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Balaji Engineers - Manufacturer of Electrical Equipments and Government Licensed Electrical Contractor in  Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa, India

Express Feeder MSEDCL

We always discuss uninterrupted power in the industry, we are going to try to get information about Express Feeder Continuous, from the place where electricity is generated, the electricity is travelled through a large transmission line, by carrying the power through the extra high voltage level from the large conductor. Large quantities are delivered to suitable locations, such as Residential, Commercial, Agricultural and Industrial.

express feeder msedcl

Power Generation Plant

The important work of delivering the power from the Power Generation Plant to the CONSUMPTION END is that SUBSTATION and SUBSTATION from different "FEEDER" power is distributed in the distribution network.

power generation plant

Power Generation Plant

Power Transformer

In all these feeders,. As we have seen earlier, EHV Tower Line is converted from Voltage 220/33, 110/11 Transformer used in Distribution Network to 33kv /22kv /11kv Distribution Voltage.

Now this background will make the next main point easier to understand, About Industrial HT Express Feeder When 11kv /22kv /33kv supply is generally provided to industrial unit in industrial belt.

Power transformer

Power Transformer

Most of the time industries that have sensitive and continuous power consumption and suffer huge losses if power is cut off in the production process need uninterrupted power. Generally, end users are connected to the distribution system by tapping on a large scale. Due to which after equipment failure like (CT, PT, T/F) all the HT Consumer, LT Consumer connected to that feeder are effected (Frequent tripping of power) and after the fault is completely rectified the power supply is restored. Over time the industries described above have to face high losses (Loss by Power tripping).

foundry Industry

Foundry Industry

textile industry

Textile Industry Chemical Industry

There is one main way for such Industries that is Express Feeder, in that case if we want uninterrupted power flow from EXPRESS FEEDER then we can make such demand to ELECTRICAL BOARD. The Electrical Board is the electrical substation material for that industry by taking into account the space for the feeders to be erected in the substation near the industry and the load feasibility in the power transformer in the substation as well as many other aspects. And by purchasing transmission substation material, it gives permission to MSEDCL EXPRESS FEDDER SANCTIONING to Electrical Infrastructure erection from Electrical Govt Contractor agency (Balaji Engieers ) and separate bay of that industry itself (HT Feeder MSEDCL Sanction).

express feeder

Once the permission of FEEDER Bey is obtained in the substation, the customer can use the electricity coming from the feeder for his industry.HT supply coming out of FEEDER filter of Substation can be 11kV/22kV/33kV. The power from the substation can be taken to the industry in two ways, that is, it can be taken to the incoming metering cubical of the industry through overhead line and underground cable.

33 kv express feeder

33 Kv Express Feeder

What is the exact difference between overhead line and underground cable work will be seen in a separate electrical blog From the substation, VCB (Vacuum circuit breaker) / CT / PT / Isolator / LA (Lighting Arrester ) / Palm Connectors / all these Electrical Equipment Testing Inspection and considering the safety norms are erected in the substation, overhead line or cable is done according to its distance and geographical Depends on the condition.

electricity delivery

The supply from the substation first comes into the metering cubical with the help of four pole structure and isolator where actual real time metering takes place.

33kv outgoing feeder bay

33Kv Outgoing Feeder Bay

In this way, the supply from the substation goes to a single industry without any tapping and the current is effective 24x7, it is called EXPRESS HT FEEDER. Due to this industry gets continuous non interrupted supply.

outgoing feeder of express feeder

Outgoing Feeder Express Feeder