Oil Filled Outdoor Current Transformers

Oil Filled Outdoor Current Transformers

We offer Outdoor CT PT ,Oil Cooled Pole mounted for Second Metering system for H T Consumers ,We are Associated with MSEDCL / MSETCL Approved Well-known Brands in India like Atalanta Electricals ,Indian Transformers Corporation Etc which Type tested by CPRI and ERDA, We offer Current Transformer and Potential Transformers upto 0.2s and 11 kV to 220 kV class

  • Hermetically Sealed Oil Filled Outdoor Type.
  • Single Phase Live or Dead Tank Type
  • Voltage Class: 11KV .... 245KV Class
  • Manufacturing as per IS & IEC standards.
  • Secondary Current: 1A or 5A
  • Primary Current, Accuracy Class (upto 0.2S), Burden, Short Time Current and Number of Secondary Cores as Specified.
  • Long Life

Low Tension Current Transformers

Low Tension Current Transformers
  • We offer Resin Cast L T Current Transformers Make Huphen Electromech Pvt Ltd Nasik
  • BUsbar Type ,Ring Type ,Tape Type
  • As per MSEDCL Specification
  • Mounting DTC Box and CT Operated Meter box
  • Suitable for Panel bus bar arrangement

Resin Cast Current Transformers & Potential Transformers

Resin Cast Current Transformers W e offer Resin Cast Current & Potential Transformer s of HUPHEN Electromech Nasik . We maintain stock of resin cast 11 kv ,33 kV CT PT in our Shiroli MIDC Works , Our technical Team is Trained for Replacement of Current Transformers in case of Increase/Decrease CT Ratio in Metering Cubical .

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